The easy to use interface for BMC Remedy AR System



php-arapi is an exstension to PHP for integration to BMC Remedy Action Request System through the supported API.


Mission Statement

Create en extension to PHP that support all data manipulation functions in the API to BMC Remedy Action Request System. The extension should work on all operating systems where both PHP and the API exists.



php-arapi uses Remedy Template Library to access BMC Remedy Action Request System.

Both normal functions and class interface is available to access php-arapi.



2009-07-19: Version 0.3.3 released

This is only a minor release since the big thing needs to be changed in RTL. But, config.m4 is now compatible with PHP5 and should work on most *nix style operating systems. You might need to change some flag for threading. But other then that it should handle build of php-arapi mostly out of the box.

It should with current RTL build for 6.3/7.0/7.1 of ARAPI. The problem is that the new selection field in 7.1 is not supported in RTL, yet.

New nameing of the files, the binaries will now also contain the PHP Extension string to show up to what version of PHP Extension the binary is compiled for. PHP Extension is shown in phpinfo() and match ZEND_MODULE_API_NO. And also ARAPI version.

Also the web site for php-arapi has been re-done. Hopefully it will be easier for others to use and also build and contibute. The web is not complete or anything. It is just a remake and the begining of something better.

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