The easy to use interface for BMC Remedy AR System

How to use php-arapi


Functions or class?

I guess this is up to you. php-arapi support both access as funcions or class. Only function not in class is arapi_version() which show what version of ARAPI php-arapi is compiled for.


Connect to server

Before you can use any of the functions you need to specify server/user/password. You do that with arapi_initialization(). And last after you finish with your actions you should call arapi_termination().



  • UTF-8/Unicode:
    At the moment you can not send locale information to ARAPI. So everything is depending on the environment settings. And how to handle UTF-8 in PHP I do not know right now.


The functions that end with ... mean that eather you supply a list of parameters of the type of you supply one array of that type.

  • <string> arapi_version()
    returns the version of ARAPI php-arapi is compiled with
  • <true/false> arapi_initialization(<server>,<user>,<password>)
  • <true/false> arapi_termination()
  • <true/false> arapi_setserverport(<server>,<tcpport>,<rpcport>)
  • <entryid> arapi_createentry(<form>,<fieldid/fieldvalue>...)
  • <true/false> arapi_setentry(<form>,<entryid>,<fieldid/fieldvalue>...)
  • <fieldid/fieldvalue> arapi_getentry(<form>,<entryid>,<fieldid>...)
  • arapi_getlistentry()
    not implemented yet
  • <fieldid/fieldvalue> arapi_getlistentrywithfields(<form>,<qual>,<fieldid>...)
  • arapi_getmultipleentries()
    not implemented yet
  • <entryid> arapi_mergeentry(<form>,<fieldid/fieldvalue>...)
  • <true/false> arapi_deleteentry(<form>,<entryid>)
  • <true/false> arapi_getentryblob(<form>,<entryid>,<fieldid>,<filename>)
  • <value/string> arapi_getselvalues(<form>,<fieldid>)


The functions in the class match the normal functions. Same parameters and every thing. Here is a list of the function names.

  • constructor()
    Actually calls initialization().
  • initialization()
  • termination()
  • setserverport()
  • createentry()
  • setentry()
  • getentry()
  • getlistentry()
  • getlistentrywithfields()
  • getmultipleentries()
  • mergeentry()
  • deleteentry()
  • getentryblob()
  • getselvalues()
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